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Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best tools, with which to increase your wealth, portfolio, and standard of living. Get to know our board and what makes us the best at what we do.

Chief Executive Officer


Jess has two decades of experience in commercial real estate, banking, with companies like CBRE, Avison Young, and Bank of Montreal and has successfully managed over 2 billion dollars in transactions. 

The overlap of these industries is the foundation of the Uberstate use case which is to affect real estate payment networks on the blockchain alongside ownership.

Uberstate provides liquidity to all levels of tenant and landlord based payment solutions and investment into real estate globally through its proprietary solutions in defi based real estate ownership held in blockchain based wallets.

Uberstate also provides an advanced ecosystem of wallets that connect to regulated hedge funds for both businesses and consumers alike so that they can earn compound interest in digital currencies like USDT, and BTC.

Henrique Marinho

Managing Director of Global Partnerships LATAM.


CO - Founder

Marlon Richards

CO - Founder

Krystelle Galano

Vice President Public Relations

Don Cioe

SVP of Sales North

Cameron Cole

Head of Trade

Antonio Lopez

Head of futures strategy



Krystelle Galano shares an ever-kindled passion for press releases, boasting a unique, practical, and effective approach to blasting content out to relevant media houses and platforms. For almost a decade of successful experience in the aforementioned outfits, she has overseen marketing strategies for countless heavyweight brands, and as well, created a compelling image brand for them with nonpareil social media management. 

Krystelle specializes in Digital PR, Content & community management, influencer marketing, digital ads, corporate communications as well as every blockchain and media event planning. With her robust networks and connections that span across an endless range of niches, Krystelle also boasts significant professional experiences driving investors to nascent and established brands.