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Unlock the full potential of your assets with our Mobile App. Use our tools to plan your growth and increase your wealth through our smart wallets that allow access to decentralized financial markets.

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Who We Are

Uberstate is a membership platform that offers consumers & businesses wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Our aim is to build a global AI-enabled platform for decentralized wealth.

What We Do

Uberstate Inc. is a global leader in the field of payment networks. Through its global financial technology it is licensed in 150 countries to provide card services for both fiat and cryptocurrency payments. 

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Empower your digital assets

Capital Markets

Private clients can purchase any amount of crypto currency in up to 30 different currencies from Uberstate with our private white glove OTC service.

Yield Wallet

YIELD wallet amplifies your returns through exposure to managed leverage in the decentralized financial markets with today's best defi staking products and services.


Easy access to today's top asset managers in FOREX and great returns for your investment portfolio.

Dream Wallet

Gain access to real estate deals right in your digital wallet. Get ready for DREAM Wallet by Uberstate.

Our Partners

Uberstate does business with regulated entities, financial institutions, and counterparties to insure consumer confidence and protection. Uberstate is a liquidity provider for various use cases in digital currency on both proof of stake, and proof of work applications. Uberstate is a Money Service Business registered with FINTRAC. License # M19509536.


How to use Uberstate Card?

We make using cryptocurrency easy. You have full control – deposit your cryptocurrency and convert into dollars for spending in minutes.

Deposit  cryptocurrency and convert into dollars to use in your Uberstate Card account. Use your Uberstate Card anywhere that accepts Apple PayGoogle Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Why Choose Uberstate?

Uberstate is a leading ecosystem , payment processing, and staking digital assets in different asset classes. Using a global partnership network Uberstate opens possibilities up for its members using mobile financial technology to connect users to decentralized financial markets for better access to rewards.


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