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Who We Are

We are nonconformist digital asset enthusiasts with deep experience in blockchain technology.

Our expertise in traditional financial markets allows us to innovate new markets creating regulated and safe user experiences. 


What We Do

Uberstate develops financial technology inclusive of fiat and crypto wallets. 

If you have a resume in fintech please drop us a line.  

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Capital Markets

Suitable for Large Scale Purchases of Crypto.

Yield Wallet

Yields in BTC & USDC up to 5% monthly.


Automated trading with risk adjusted returns in 27 pairs.

Dream Wallet

Asset Management using virtual and real world assets in your NFT wallet.

Our Partners

Uberstate is a Money Service Business registered with FINTRAC. License # M19509536.

How to use Uberstate Card?

Deposit  cryptocurrency and convert into dollars to use in your Uberstate Card account. Use your Uberstate Card anywhere that accepts Apple PayGoogle Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Why Choose Uberstate?

Uberstate is a leading ecosystem , payment processing, and staking digital assets in different asset classes. 


is now open.

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