Forex Microfunds

Easy access to today’s top asset managers in FOREX and great returns for your investment portfolio.

Ever wanted to invest in a hedge fund? Most hedge funds are typically only available to qualified institutional buyers or investors. Uberstate allows users of its application to participate in these funds on our platform. Without the typical loopholes one would have to jump through to gain access to these boutique investments.

Users stake USDT in an omnibus wallet, in different branded low risk strategies, that produce leveraged returns in FOREX and pay monthly into your wallet. Returns are variable and based on track record. There are no guarantees on returns available.

Uberstate Invests alongside users to bring confidence to our clients. In every strategy we have in place in the microfunds Uberstate has already contributed a minimum 1,000,000.00 investment and vetted the track record of the fund as well management.

Additionally, all microfunds are regulated by the FCA to ensure accuracy of reporting data and KYC, AML criteria.

Asset Managers: