DREAM Wallet

Gain access to real estate deals right in your digital wallet. Get ready for DREAM Wallet by Uberstate.

DREAM stands for digital real estate assets management. Purchase cash flowing nfts that represent real world or metaverse properties and hold them as an NFT in your wallet whilst getting paid in your favorite cryptos to wait.

Users decide the amount of any particular property they want to own and buy in at the price point that is the defined minimum to acquire a fractionalized percentage of ownership. Usually $1,000 USD to start per property.

Uberstate gives access to today’s top asset classes in real estate and purchases properties in advance to resell both cash flow and appreciation of net asset value into your dream wallet.

With the Uberstate dream wallet ownership of real estate assets had never been more frictionless. Just download the wallet from Uberstate.io, complete KYC and start investing in the digital real estate offerings.

Offerings include authentic lifestyle properties, commercial real estate, metaverse properties, as well as high end homes and air bnb style properties that generate rental income.

Create a portfolio of crypto based rewards, from monthly income attached to the real estate itself and optimize your returns and rewards based on which cryptos you decide to receive as payment against your portion of the property that’s owned.

Resell your nfts into the market on exchanges for resale value as well as residual income of royalties in perpetuity.

Real estate has always been and will forever be the best way of ensuring accumulation of wealth. It’s the top asset class globally for everyone to store their wealth based on its ability to chart inflation, whilst locking gains into a bricks and mortar based asset.