RIT2.0 Blockchain

Real Estate Investment Token (RIT2.0) is the new liquidity protocol in digital real estate asset management that enables real estate payment networks for all actors in the economy.

Developed by Uberstate, RIT2.0 is a digital currency on the Ethereum blockchain, the most scalable blockchain in the world today. It is a layered blockchain solution for asset management in real estate and uses real estate payment networks and advanced payment processing involving digital currency and proof of work algorithms.

Why use RIT2.0?

  • RIT2.0 offers rates of capitalization through staking that would only be available to investors with much larger amounts of capital or downstream risk of large amounts of leverage and default risk.
  • Using the ethereum blockchain RIT2.0 is able to provide real time liquidity and computing power to aggregate data on the financial health of your assets.
  • Develop a custom use case for your portfolio of real estate or sell your assets and accept digital currency as a medium of exchange or stake RIT2.0 for returns and rewards in the decentralized financial marketplace.
  • You can convert equity in your properties to real-time passive income with Bitcoin and increase your ROI while decreasing your market risk to an economic downturn and vacancy.

Coin Market Cap

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Global payments of real estate assets.



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